Michelle Mills

Bio: Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a do walker and pet sitter. I've grown up with all kinds of animals from hamsters to dogs to cats to birds. but my main passion is dogs. I've had dogs since I was only a few months old and had them ever since. currently I have 4 dogs..2 Springer spaniels, 1 cocker spaniel and a Staffordshire bull terrier,2 cats and 1 parrot. Aswell as experience with my own dogs, I've walked and cared for friends and family pets too. Also I've worked in kennels, catteries, groomers and college. like I said I'm a dog walker and pet sitter who does numerous visits through the day aswell as house sit and i also puppy visits.
Business Name: Elle's Walks and Pet Sitting

Services offered by me

  • Dog Walker
  • Cat sitter
  • Dog Sitter

Years for caring pets: